Update: Matapan to Tiger - HMS Formidable's forgotten 1941 fight

I've added a page detailing HMS Formidable's 'forgotten fight' in the eastern Mediterranean in the first half of 1941.

Everybody knows about the Battle of Matapan, but little of Formidable's role in it.

Almost nobody knows about the Tiger Convoy, the urgent rush of tanks and aircraft through the Sicilian Channel to reinforce Egypt against Rommel. Ark Royal and Formidable were instrumental in getting it through.

But it also provides much needed context as to why Formidable's fighter defences were so fragile in Operation MAQ3 - a raid against Scarpanto to support shipping evacuating Crete - in which she was heavily bombed.

Click here to find out about Formidable's activities betwen February and March 1941.