Update: Original "USS Robin" documents added

Predictably, the page on HMS Victorious' operations with USS Saratoga as part of the US fleet is the most popular on the site (closely followed by IJN Taiho). So I've been updating it as much as I can. A whole bunch of reports has recently come available through Ben Jones' excellent collection of documents in 

- I've added: ADM 199/534 Letter of Proceedings from Commanding Officer, HMS Victorious to Secretary of Admiralty OPERATING HMS VICTORIOUS WITH US PACIFIC FLEET 29 APril - 6 June 1943 as a related/linked standalone page as it is quite large.

- I've inserted part of an Admiralty assessment of the ability to support the USN along with a reply from President Roosevelt to Churchill discussing needs.

- I'm also going to add some air operations assessment documents shortly where the FAA discusses what it observed of US practices.