Document: Indomitable, May 4, Kamikaze Damage (Bomb & Shell)

Enclosure to “Indomitable’s” No.4836/244 of 22nd August 1945

Section I – Narrative.

                On 4th May 1945 the ship was engaged on Operation “Iceberg”. At 1115 a surprise attack was made on the Fleet by a small group of enemy aircraft. “Indomitable” was swinging to starboard under 10 degrees of wheel. I saw “Formidable” on the starboard quarter hit by a suicide dive bomber and immediately afterwards saw an enemy aircraft, a Zeke or Judy, in a threatening position overhauling from astern and crossing from the port to starboard quarter at about 1,000 feet. I increased the swing by putting the wheel hard over to starboard in order to bring the maximum volume of fire to bear and in the hopes of spoiling his aim by steepening his dive. He came in a shallow dive from the starboard quarter under a hot fire from “Y” 4.5” group and all close range weapons that would bear. He was repeatedly hit and was flaming before he closed abaft the island, hit the flight deck a glancing blow at No.2 barrier and bounced over the side just forward of “B” 4.5” group. The forward end of the ship was littered with pieces of the aircraft and engine, but only slight damage was caused to P.1 pom-pom director and to the aerial array of “B” 4.5” director. Fortunately there were no casualties, though a rating in “B” 4.5” director complains that his eyebrows were singed.

Kamikaze: the divine wind
By Stuart (ed) EADON

Section II – General

1)      Ship was hit by enemy aircraft, either Zeke or Judy.

2)      80 degree power dive from 1,000 feet flattening to 15 degrees in final approach.

3)      Enemy aircraft came in from Starboard quarter, hit the Flight Deck abreast the after end of the Island, 90-95 station, just to port of the centre line. It skidded along the deck passing over “B” 4.5” director and P.1 pom-pom director, and thence over the side.

4)      Not applicable

5)      Not applicable

6)      Not applicable

7)      Superficial damage to Radar 285 aerials on “B” 4.5” Director.
Superficial damage to Radar 282 aerials on P.1 pom-pom Director.

8)      Through 16) Not applicable

Section III.

Ship was closed up in Damage Control State 1, ‘Z’ openings closed, ventilation shut as for Damage Control State 1, firemain divided into seven sections.

Section IV.

                No damage was caused to Machinery.

Section V.

                No damage other than that in Seciton II (7) above was caused to Gun Armament.

Section VI.

                *section missing

Section VII.


1)      Ring Main was split fore and aft. 3 dynamos were running in parallel on each side. All Supply Breakers were in Local Control. Electrical Damage Control Parties were closed up as for Damage Control State 1.

2)      A very slight shock of an explosion was felt at the Main Switchboard.

3)      Nil.

4)      No.

5)      No.

6)      Not applicable

7)      Not applicable

b)            Not applicable
c)            Not applicable

Section VIII


a)            “B” 4.5” Director.
                Two of the six sections of Aerial outfit A.S.G. were broken off and rotating shaft bent. The end of the framework on which the aerial array is supported was broken off.

b)            P.1 Pom-pom Director.
                Complete aerial array (A.S.E.) broken off above Gyro Rate Unit.

Section IX – Air Material

                No damage was caused to Air Material, the Flight Deck was burnished but undamaged.

Section XI – Victualling Department.

                No damage.

Section XII.

                The medical organisation was not called upon.