Feedback: On bias

I was first made aware of your fine website within a few days of its appearance, through one of my favourite discussion forums (World Naval Ships Forum).  I am pleased to see it has sprouted tendrils elsewhere, too. 
I hope your well-presented and most engaging effort will also go far toward dispelling some very bad RN armoured-carrier “press” which had been published by certain, un-named “pundits” of decidedly USN bias, a number of years ago. 
Rest assured, I will be watching as this fine, new website continues to develop!
Best wishes for its success!




I feel there has been a bias - but mostly because of the very poor degree of information "out there" about these ships and their actions.

This is in part due to the RN's reticence to beat its own chest, the extensive and long-lived secrecy applied to these ships and their actions - and the opposite being the case for the USN!

It is also due to an accumulation of factual errors in print (originally seeming little more than editing errors in certain high-profile publicatons, but these have - in turn - been coped as rote by other, lazier, authors with larger audiences!).

This scant information has resulted in numerous intensely poor essays and articles that base their argument on a mass of incorrect and false "facts", and opinions accepted as fact.

The above is why I presented this web page in the format I have: Not to launch into any nationalistic/ego-centric chest-beating exercise (I'm neither British nor American), but to lay down the details as best I can find them in a manner that can be easily understood and in which their context is maintained.

Any conclusions a reader may come to is therefore hopefully of their own formation. Afterall, it is somewhat easier to find comprehensive details about US and even Japanese carrier operations to compare and contrast.

In many ways, the Royal Navy's historic reticence (which has given it the nickname "silent service" in political and media circles - no reflection on the submariners out there!) has done itself a lot of harm when it comes to the history of the 20th century.

So blaming other nations for being proud of their own achievements is not entirely fair.

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