Standard: 23,000
Full load: 29,000

Length (overall): Illustrious, Formidable 740ft (225.5m)
                           Victorious 745ft (227m)
                           * Extended to 748ft 6in (228.1m) in 1944/45
Beam (waterline): 95ft 9in (29.2m)
Draught: 29ft (8.8m)
Flight Deck: Illustrious 620ft (189m) long
                    Formidable, Victorious 670ft (204.2m)
                    * All extended to 740ft in 1944/45
                    95ft (29m) wide
Hangar: 458ft x 62ft (139.6m x 18.9m)
Arrester wires: 6-9 aft, 2 forward
Lifts: 2- 45ft x 22ft (13.7m x 6.7m)
Catapult: Illustrious, Formidable 1x BH-III 11,000lb (5000kg) @ 66kts (trolley)
                Victorious 12,500lb (5680kg) @ 66kts
                14,000lb (6360kg) @ 66kts (towed)