Update: Still here



I know things appear to have been quiet since May, but I've been constantly 'tinkering' under the hood - replacing less relevant pictures with new ones as I discover them, adding video - deleting dead links, adding new first-person accounts, detailing more technical components on existing pages, as well as uploading amazing reader contributed archival material.

You may have also noticed a restructure of the home-page to put the damage control assessments and original documents in a somewhat more prominent position.

I've also done a fair bit to update, expand, correct and illustrate the 'Debunking Slade & Worth's Were the Armoured Carriers Worthwhile page ... any feedback (preferably attributed and sourced) most welcome.

I hope to find some time in my January holidays to tackle Operation Ironclad (the invasion of Madagascar) which featured air operations from Illustrious and Indomitable.

I'm also considering a major reworking of the Doctrine Determined page, based on books published since I first wrote it - including Fighters over the Fleet (American and British Aircraft Carrier Development was published before I started, but I didn't get a copy until fairly recently).

Regards, and thanks for your patronage.