Update: Joint operations between USS Saratoga and HMS Illustrious

I've added a page pulling together what I can find about the largely overlooked joint operations between USS Saratoga and HMS Illustrious in May-June 1944.

This was intended to be a crash course in the new methods devised for the fast-paced Pacific war. HMS Illustrious, with a new air wing in the process of working up with the only-just introduced Corsair and the problematic Barracuda, had much to learn.

It was certainly a completely different style of war to the defensive operations she and the other armoured carriers had been engaged in for the previous four years.

But the veteran Saratoga taught the old-dog new tricks: Which she would in turn pass on to HMS Victorious, Indomitable and Indefatigable during the many 'Club Runs' against Japanese Indian Ocean installations during the remainder of the year.

Thanks to the generosity of David Anderson in the US, I've been able to transcribe two USN documents relating to this operation: A Liaison Officer's report, and the debriefing interview with VF-12's Commander Clifton.