Question: Letting in water is the objective of the enemy...

I know I've read it in several sources: I've not noted where as it has usually been in the context of Ark Royal which is outside the scope of these pages.

But when the RN went to war in 1939 it had a standing order not to counter-flood as part of the damage control process.

The reason given: Letting in water was the objective of the enemy.

It's a classic example the kind of ideological, politik think that infects all military services - and is often only painfully beaten out of them in first contact with the enemy.

I'll try and find the sources: But it may take a while, I'm quite sure it was in several narratives from people writing personal accounts of their early war service. 

If anyone else knows anything about this order (was there a quote from Churchill? I seem to remember one) please let me know.