Review: Crowood Aviation Series Junkers Ju87 Stuka

I had hoped this would contain as much detail and discussion as that of the Crowood Aviation Series Seafire book.


Unfortunately, the degree of detail as to Stuka performance, bomb loads and operational ranges are just as lacking as in all other publications dealing with the Ju87.

It does, however, contains plenty of tantalising tidbits, such as

"About twenty feet of the wing of a Ju87 fell on the after lift (of ILLUSTRIOUS). Aircraft assumed to have crashed. A Ju87 was seen to fall into the sea by the Chaplain and another crashed into the sea just astern of one Swordfish on A/S patrol"

Frustratingly, this is not clearly attributed. But I will try and find a full copy of the document they do reference -  "Report of Air Attacks on HMS Illustrious during Operation MC4, 26 January, 1941" (0404/427/172, No. 3320/0197, AIR2/ 4221). It seems to contain different details to that of the Captain's report and Damage Report reproduced here on this website.

It also sticks with the 500kg (1100lbs) definition of every bomb which hit every armoured carrier in the Mediterranean ... despite quoting direct from reports which clearly state otherwise (HMS Formidable's Damage Report, for example). The authors do not give any reason for this (perhaps they know the Stuka B-2's limits and therefore take the 500kg load for granted?)

Overall, Excellent.