Stuka Ju87B performance data needed

I've borrowed, bought and scrounged as may books as I can find on the iconic Stuka, but have not had much success finding detailed payload-range-performance data.

Specifically I'm looking for the operational radius of the Ju87B while carrying a 1000kg (2200lb) bomb.

There are several first-person accounts stating how the gunner had to be left behind and how sluggish the aircraft was under that load ... but most range/performance tables only detail 500kg  (1100lb) bomb data - it's normal load.

Can anyone point me to a good source of such obscure, detailed information?

It is particularly relevant to these pages as 1000kg (2200lb) bombs were used against both HMS Illustrious and Formidable and were attributed to being dropped by II/SG2's Ju87Bs. However, Ju88 and He111 squadrons also claimed hits in these actions - and to me they seem to have been more likely to carry that weight of bomb over the ranges involved.

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