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I am continuing to update entries and research new articles on this site, so please come back from time to time to see what has been added.

I'll post status updates here in the blog.

I have finished scouring YouTube (and in particular the British Pathe channel) for relevant video and inserted them in the best context I can find.

If anyone knows of any other footage (in particular of the kamikaze attacks on the BPF - I know it exists, but I cannot find it) please leave a note by clicking on the title of this post.

At the moment my "pending" tray is filled mostly with material relating to the FAA aircraft the Fairy Fulmar and Supermarine Seafire.

These aircraft appear to have received the same "bad press" as the armoured carriers themselves.

The Fulmar appears to be  instantly dismissed as an effective fighter in comparision to the performace of the Hellcat etc (though in reality the true point of comparison in  1940 is the F3F "Flying Barrel" biplane and A6M 'Zero').

The Seafire is roundly condemned for being too fragile. Yes they were less than ideal conversions of land-based interceptors, but a detailed look at the battle that gave it such a poor reputation - Salerno - makes one wonder just how much better other contemporary carrier fighters would have performed.

The Fulmar article is almost complete

The bulk of the Seafire research has now been done - it's just a matter of writing it up.

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