Update: Video of kamikaze attacks on BPF

I've found an Australian War Memorial video package on the BPF which includes wobbly and poorly aligned footage of the kamikaze attacks upon HMS Formidable and HMS Indomitable. Clearly the video editor did not realise that more than one carrier had been attacked on May 4 - he intercut the very brief piece of footage of the kamikaze sliding off Indomitable's deck between scenes showing the attack run, and aftermath, on Formidable.

The Formidable footage shows a kamikaze diving from astern but pulling up away from the crowded deck. The second Formidable cut, from the same distance and angle,  shows a kamikaze slamming into the deck from a stern approach.

The Indomitable footage shows the ship, with a clean flight deck, at a greater distance and more acute angle than the Formidable footage. The kamikaze is clearly hit and begins to burn moments before impact.

Despite the tight - inaccurate - cuts, it is fascinating footage. Clearly the reason it has not been widely used is the exorbitant cost of obtaining digitised footage from the AWM. According to their guidelines, the 3 minutes of footage here will cost in excess of $5400 (3 minutes at $30 per second)!

Footage of the British Pacific Fleet off Sakishima Gunto, with clips of attacks by kamikaze's upon HMS Formidable and HMS Indomitable.